Whitney: Didn't "She" Almost Have it All

   One of my favorite tunes from the 1980's Whitney Houston chart-topping time, is "Didn't We Almost Have it All."  And ever since the announcement of her untimely death, all I can keep thinking is:  "Didn't SHE Almost Have it All"?  Because from the outside looking in, she sure seemed to have come close to getting it all...except perhaps the one thing that eluded her:  inner peace.

   I don't think anyone who becomes a slave to drugs or an addict has inner peace.  They have inner demons that turn to inner struggles, and they look for relief or escape.  I've known a few addicts in my time, and it's a horrible spiral to witness.  And in a celebrity world where "no" isn't in fashion and money is no object, it's a perfect storm to be swept away in.  Only, we aren't sure if Whitney's past problems caught up with her or her present problems did.

   What I do know, is that her death has saturated the headlines and my kids now know who Whitney Houston is.  And all I could think to tell them, is here's another testament to the evils of drugs legal or otherwise.  (There are reports there were prescription drugs, as well as alcohol in her hotel room, though unconfirmed.)

   I want to use every one of these high profile deaths, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston as illustrations of what can go wrong.  That money simply cannot buy you happiness, when in fact, it can often cost you.  Our children need to know, no matter how famous or successful you appear to be, none of us are untouchables.  None of us.

  We cannot guarantee that trying a drug will be a one time thing.  We could be instantly addicted, either based on the nature of the drug or the nature of our own body's chemistry.  And frankly, it's never worth the risk.  That's what I keep drilling into my kids.  Don't even try them.  "Drugs will rob you of your dreams."

   We don't know what killed Whitney Houston.  But we do know how she lived.  And for many years, admittedly, it was with a destructive drug habit.  Perhaps, her song "I'm Every Woman"...was more autobiographical than we thought, because it can truly happen to anyone.

   So, to answer Whitney's question:  "Where do Broken Hearts Go"...they go to Amazon.com & Itunes and download her greatest hits.  Her album is once again... top of the charts.





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Baltimore Sun newspaper on Dec. 29, 2013.
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