CARLSBAD, Calif. -- A local sports memorabilia company has taken trading cards into the digital age with a new line of multi-media cards.

Evolution Video Trading cards from The Upper Deck aren't your father's trading cards.

"We really wanted to push the envelope with what a trading card is and kind of the future of trading cards," said Upper Deck Vice President of Marketing and Development Jason Masherah.

From the company that first gave card enthusiasts jersey swatches, bat slivers and signatures, comes a card with highlights built in.

Each of the booklet-type cards, which measure in at the same height (3.5) and width (2.5) as a regular trading card, are just over half-an-inch thick. The video screen measures two inches by an inch-and-a-half and the cards have a built-in battery that lasts for about 80 minutes. The battery has a plug-in compatible with an iPhone charger or USB plug-in.

"What we've seen so far is that everyone who has actually held one or seen one, thinks they're the coolest thing we've put out in a long time," Masherah said.

The video cards are special insert cards that cannot be found in packs, but rather are placed randomly in boxes of Upper Deck football cards that sell for as little as $20 per box.

Right now Upper Deck, based in Carlsbad, features only four players including running back Adrian Peterson, receiver Desean Jackson, quarterback Tony Romo, and linebacker Patrick Willis. The highlights are only from their college days because Upper Deck does not have a contract with the NFL.

Masherah said the company plans to expand to other football players as soon as June, and other sports later, possibly going back further in time to include Hall of Famers like Marshall Faulk.

"A guy like Marshall Faulk would be very interesting," Masherah said. "It's been so long that he was at San Diego State. People locally might not forget, but a lot of people forget those great highlights that he had running for San Diego State."

The boxes of cards go on sale Tuesday at retail stores and card collector shops.