Sue and Christian Taylor

Sue and Christian Taylor

The mother of an Oceanside teenager who disappeared from a drug treatment facility six weeks ago has turned to Craigslist in a desperate attempt to find him.

Sue Taylor's son, Christian, ran away from the Life-Line treatment facility in Utah after 100 days. In addition to posting his photo around Oceanside and contacting all his friends, Taylor posted her son's picture and information on Craigslist in the hope that someone, somewhere might recognize him.

"He was using drugs and selling drugs," said Taylor. "I tried everything I could to help. I didn't know what else to do."

She received a call from the facility on Dec. 8 notifying her that Christian had disappeared.

"We had our counseling sessions every two weeks. I went out there every month, and I was just there for Thanksgiving for two days. I thought he was doing well," Taylor said.

Utah police issued a missing persons report and put Christian on the national registry missing children, but they can't do much more since he voluntarily ran away.

"It's horrible. It's just horrible to not know if he's dead or alive or not know what he's doing. He's been gone for over six weeks now," Taylor cried.

She has put up flyers around Oceanside, gone through his cell phone and talked to his friends, even met with the kids Christian used to hang out with at the Martin Luther King Jr. skate park.

"I have no leads, nothing," she said.

"His dad passed away when he was six, so it's just been him and me. We were buddies and I've never had a problem with him," Taylor said.

She acknowledges her son has gotten himself into trouble, but she said Christian is only 15 and needs help.

"He's out there somewhere and I want him home, I love him," said Taylor.

If anyone has information on Christian's whereabouts, they've been asked to contact Oceanside Police Department by calling 760-435-4900 or e-mail