Father/coach Norv Turner

   When I first met San Diego Charger Coach Norv Turner off the field, it made an impression on me.  Not because he's brought our hometown team three AFC West Championships, but because I saw him interacting with his family.  He was out enjoying his wife Nancy of 30 years and his three grown children, Scott, Stephanie and Drew.  It was clear in an instant, this wasn't just a big time NFL coach who's won two Superbowls, this was a family man.

   Ever since then, I've wanted to interview Norv about his private life as a Dad.  Something I know isn't easy for such a private guy, but he agreed, just in time for Father's Day.  So, I went to his house and sat down with Norv and Nancy, who couldn't have been more open about raising their children.  And how life in the NFL not only shaped their world, but shaped their children.

   It's also evident, Norv has applied many of the same principles he uses on the field, raising his kids.

   1.  Lead by Example

   2.  Be a Good Sport

   3.  Huddle Up

   4.  Work Hard

   5.  Chase the dream, not the dollar

   6.  Compete

   To elaborate and sum up...Norv says he believes in living by example and talking less.  Being a good sport about life's ups and downs.  Huddle up with the family every chance you get and stick together.  Work hard at everything you do.  Chase your passions and not the cash, material things are immaterial.  And finally, the NFL is always about "the next season" or "the next game", so stay competitive at whatever you do by continuing to set goals.

   Norv says football has given his kids a great education.  It sounds like it's given him one too.




Look for this special section in your
Baltimore Sun newspaper on Dec. 29, 2013.
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