Catching Up Oct 2011-Jan 2012

A brief look back

Welcome back! Boxing is back in session.  After Floyd Mayweather’s knockout of Victor Ortiz in September of 2011 there were a few notable moments to close out the year.  Let’s take a look at these:

Middleweight Sergio Martinez fought a tough and determined Darren Barker in October.  Martinez who is a top P4P fighter was able to KO Barker in the 11th round.  Sergio appeared to have lost some of his luster as he appeared human in the fight.  This may lead to some interested match-ups for Sergio in the future.

Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson squared off at the Staples Center in October.  In the early rounds of the fight, BHop was lifted and thrown down on the canvas wrestling style and the fight was over after Hopkins shoulder was injured.  Dawson was granted the victory via TKO, but the boxing commission met and called the fight a no-contest.  These 2 are scheduled to fight again in the early months of 2012.

Manny Pacquiao fought Juan Manuel Marquez for the 3rd time in his career.  This November 2011 fight garnered quite a bit of interest.  Pacquiao looked slower than usual appears to have lost a step.  Manny won a unanimous decision- which was very unpopular among the fans in attendance and boxing writers and media.  Most observers thought that Juan has been robbed.  We’ll see what is next for both of these fighters in 2012.

Miguel Cotto defeated Antonio Margarito in their rematch. Cotto was able to target Margarito’s previously damaged eye and earn a fight stoppage in the 10th round as ringside physicians called an end to the bout. Antonio Margarito seems done as a legitimate fighter.  Hopefully he will retire before further risking blindness to his damaged eye.

Lamont Peterson upset Amir Kahn in December.  This fight was very, very close and the hometown fighter Peterson may have been the beneficiary of his Washington DC hometown judges.  Either way- this was a great fight- and Khan who was the overwhelming favorite to win- looked ordinary. 

Andre Ward defeated Carl Froch to close out the Showtime Super Six Super Middleweight tournament.  Ward completely outclassed Froch and earned the unanimous decision.  Andre Ward reeks of superstar potential as he slowly builds his record and career.

The fight big fight in 2012 was Feb 4th and saw Julio Caesar Chavez Jr defeat Marco Antonio Rubio via unanimous decision in San Antonio, Texas. Chavez Jr continues his march toward superstardom.  Hopefully he can climb the ladder and take on bigger challenges such as Sergio Martinez. 

Stay tuned for the amazing line-up of fights coming up in late Feb, March, and May!  




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