SAN DIEGO -- The head of a training program at Camp Pendleton has been relieved of command as the result of a military inquiry into a fatal training accident at the base in January, military officials said Thursday.

Sgt. Wesley J. Rice, 27, of San Antonio, Texas, died Jan. 14 when a tank- like, 29-ton amphibious personnel carrier capsized and sank during maneuvers in Del Mar Boat Basin.

A military board of inquiry investigation determined that a combination of mechanical failure, training lapses and insufficient supervision caused the accident.

Rice was one of three instructors training three students aboard the AAV- 7A1 when it overturned while being launched from a boat. The other Marines managed to escape, but Rice went down with the vehicle. Search teams recovered his body several hours later.

Rice, who deployed to Iraq twice, left behind a wife.

The investigating panel determined that "a number of factors contributed to the tragedy,'' according to a statement from the Marine Corps.

"These factors included a mechanical failure on the vehicle, non- standard training and operating procedures, and ultimately a lack of sufficient oversight within the Assault Amphibian Schools Battalion,'' the document states.

The type of equipment failure that contributed to the accident was not specified.

In light of the findings of the inquiry, Brig. Gen. Michael M. Brogan, commanding general of USMC Training Command, assembled a team to address the instruction program at Assault Amphibian Schools Battalion and review relevant reference publications.

Also, Brogan, who convened the board of inquiry shortly after the fatal accident, has "ordered remedial or administrative action be taken to correct deficiencies in responsibilities within the battalion staff,'' including relieving its commander.

The Marine Corps did not release the name of the fired officer.