Buddy Jewell On The Record

Success, Rejection, and Guilty Pleasures Oh My!

Fans fell in love with Buddy Jewell on Nashville Star crowning him their favorite in 2002. Success was a long time a comin' for the entertainer who battled rejection for many years on Nashville's Music Row. These days, the country music singer continues to record music, tour, and the man can make almost anyone laugh! I recently had the pleasure of bumping into Buddy while I was visiting Nashville. Take a peek at our chat!

Juliette: What's your guilty pleasure?

Buddy: My wife and I love to tivo things, and we were watching the Bachelorette last night. It was a two hour eposiode.

Juliette: You blame your wife for watching The Bachelorette! Nice try...

Buddy: Absolutely, it's all her fault. I watch it because it makes me look good. It's like watching a click flick with her.

Juliette: At least you can do it in the comfort of her own home.

Buddy: Exactly.

Juliette: What do you think your loyal fans love about Mr. Buddy Jewel?

Buddy: Well, I know the two in Pittsburg like my cooking, ha. I'm just kiddin'. I'm amazed every time I walk on stage and there's a house full of people to see me. I hope it's because they like me as a person. I'm a people person and I enjoy getting to know them. Nashville Star gave me an enormous fan base, and it just shows the power of television. I was blessed to win that show and to walk away from it.

Juliette: You admit you dealt with a lot of rejection. What was the hardest rejection you were ever faced with?

Buddy: Nashville has this cookie cutter mentality. So much of it today is about marketability and product and packaging. I got so many times, 'well he doesn't look like a star. He's took fat, too old.' I ran into a lot of that. That's typical for Nashville and the music industry in general. But, I think we spend too much time worrying about the things we don't have and we don't take enough time looking at what we doi have.

Juliette: If you could snap your fingers and make something happen in your career, what would that be right now?

Buddy: I wouldnt' say I'd want another big record deal. Eventually everyone loses their record deal. Even Jonny Cash lost his record deal. I would want ability to get my music played on radio stations that count. That's what I would want.

Juliette: Speaking of Johnny Cash, if he were alive what would you like to ask him?

Buddy: You know that famous picture of him flipping the bird. I would ask him, 'Ok Johnny who was that for?' (laughs) I'd like to know the story behind Johnny Cash and the finger.

Juliette: You are a country boy through and through. Could you ever imagine living in a big city like New York?

Buddy: I've been 5 or 6 times. I would need a neckbrace from looking up at skyscarpers a ll the time. I would adapt, I might get other people to have culture shock by meeting me, perhaps.

Juliette: The hat, perhaps!

Buddy: The funny thing about the hat. I used to not wear a cowboy hat. I used to have a mullet and people said I looked like Travis Tritt. So, I started wearhing a cowboy hat years ago. One of my friends told me that hat made me look like a drugstore cowboy. So, one of the guys on Nashville Star happened to own a hat show in Texas. He said he'd get his brother to send a hat up here for me. They shipped up this great hat, and that's how the hat was born, hahaha.

Juliette: The signature hat!

Buddy: It is. No one else in coutnry music wears one like that.

Juliette: What amount of tenacity and determination and luck does it take to make it in life, ya think?

Buddy: I'm a firm believer that God puts things in our path and has stuff mapped out for us. I also believe if you sit on couch you never get out there on that path. There has to be determination. I believe things happen for a reason and people come into our lives for a reason. I believe you and I met for a reason.




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