Claire Findley Has Lou Gehrig's Disease

Claire Findley Has Lou Gehrig's Disease

FAIR OAKS, Calif. -- Lou Gehrig's Disease has left Claire Findley largely immobilized, but she could still smile after hearing her bank would grant her dying wish by allowing her to stay in her home until the end.

Her husband Luther has been dealing with Bank of America as he cares for Claire. The Findley's could no longer afford their mortgage, so the bank moved to foreclose on the house.

The couple was set to be evicted from their home in Fair Oaks when the Sacramento Bee started inquiring about the foreclosure. The Bee called Bank of America, and after that call, the Findley's learned from bank representatives that Claire would be allowed to stay in her home until her death.

Foreclosure will still come for Luther, but, for now, he's leaning on faith.

"I guess, as a Christian, heaven is our home, and… by losing the house…it just makes me look more forward to heaven," Luther Findley told FOX40 on Wednesday.

Their church, Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist Church, is coordinating donations for the family. Luther and Claire are dependent on income-based social services, though, so certain monetary donations could be considered income.

Donations of services are encouraged, and monetary donations will go to some current costs and Luther's future needs after the death of his wife.