SAN DIEGO -- The Aztecs were awarded the West regions' No. 2 seed in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

The San Diego State University men (32-2) tip off at 1:40 p.m. Thursday against No. 15 Northern Colorado (21-10) in Tucson, Ariz.

"I'm very pleased with the fact we are a 2 seed, which kept us out West," Coach Steve Fisher said Sunday.

Fisher's senior point guard, D.J. Gay has history with their first round opponent Northern Colorado. In 2006-07, when Gay was a freshman, Northern Colorado defeated the Aztecs 62-56.

"They're a very tough team," Gay said. "They had us booed out of our arena my freshman year. You definitely don't forget that."

A year later, the Aztecs beat the Bears 73-62 on the road.

"So I can't wait to see them again. I'm happy that we're in and I'm happy that we're playing a team that I'm familiar with. I couldn't ask for anything better," said Gay.

For the first time, SDSU's making consecutive appearances in the NCAA tournament. Their previous highest seek was No. 11 in 2010 and 2006.

Since the inception of the 64-team tournament in 1985, the No. 2 seed has a 100-4 record against the No. 15 team.

If San Diego State wins, it would face the winner of the Penn State-Temple game Saturday.