These are frequently asked questions about the Reecom 1650 weather radio sold by KSPR.

The radio keeps going off at the same time every day (probably 7:00 am). How do I make it stop?

Look under the time on the main display. Is there a bell or a musical note icon with a “1” or
“2’ inside? If so, the alarm clock is set.

If the bell or musical note icon has a “1” inside:

On the right side of the display is a button next to the words “alarm 1”. Press this until the
bell or music icon goes away.

If the bell or musical note icon has a “2” inside:

On the right side of the display is a button next to the words “alarm 2”. Press this until the
bell or music icon goes away.

The radio is going off all the time with flood advisories, watches, etc. – things I don’t need. Can these be stopped?

Most definitely. This is the main reason we carry the Reecom radio. Here is a list of 48
messages that can be disabled. Numbers 1-3 and 28-33 are initially disabled at the factory.
These can be changed to “alert enable” if you want. The messages you most likely will want
to enable or disable are #14-24 and #34-48. Some people only want tornado warning, with
all other messages disabled, others want as many warnings as possible, so they want
everything enabled.

I’ve taken out the watches and warnings I don’t want – why do the lights still come on during severe weather?

When messages are disabled, it is the siren that is actually being disabled. The radio still
received the alerts – that is the reason the lights come on, but will not wake you up with the

Which watches/advisories/warnings can I take out?

There are 48 different alert messages that can be disabled. The Reecom radio is made to be
used in all types of emergency situations anywhere in the country. You can disable any or all
of the 48 messages listed in question #2, but several of these will never affect us here in the

Why isn’t the “Tornado Warning” message listed on the "Set Event Blocking" option?

The tornado warning message is not displayed so that it cannot be accidentally disabled. It
will automatically alert you should a tornado warning be issued.

When is the weekly test form the National Weather Service?

The National Weather Service (NWS) conducts a weekly test on Wednesdays between the
hours of 10am-12pm. During severe weather, this test is cancelled or postponed. The radio
is set at alert disabled for this message. Should you want to make sure your radio is
receiving alerts, go to question #2 and set this to enable.

How can I tell if my radio has received any alerts while I’m gone?

Press the “memory” button and then press the < or  > buttons under "preset" to scroll
thru the messages received.

How long does it take for the lights to go off after an alert is over?

The alert lights may stay on for a few hours after the alert message is terminated.

How do I set the am/fm radio stations?

Press the "radio" button. Then press the button just above the radio button that has the word
"band" underneath it. The "band" button will alternate between the NWS channel, AM
radio and FM radio. Press the "band" button until you get to the AM or FM stations as
displayed in the bottom right hand side of the display.

Press |<< or >>| located above the "tuning" button to tune to the radio station you want. Press
the button labeled “Memory”. Press the < or > buttons under "preset" to select the memory
location you want (your favorite station should be in memory location 1). Press “Enter” to
save. You have 8 memory locations for AM and 8 for FM.

The "intro-scan" button will scan to find available stations. Press the radio button (then the
"band" button if not already on am or fm). Press the “intro-scan” button. The radio will stay
tuned to a station for 10 seconds to see if you want that station. Found the station you want?
Press "intro-scan" again and it will stay tuned to that station.