An enlightening new survey may have starry-eyed high school seniors re-thinking their college allegiances. just released a new survey of the best colleges in the Western United states simply based on salary. There are two survey numbers - the first one starting median salary, and the second measure is the median career salary. 

So where do Ducks and Beavers measure up? Well, the University of Oregon may beat Oregon State on the football field but not here. 

OSU makes the top 10 - ranking 6th overall. University of Washington bests them, ranking 4th overall. Bad news for Ducks - they don't even crack the top 10. They come in at number 20, behind Reed College and the Oregon Institute of Technology.

The University of Portland and Pacific University also rank in the top 10. 

Oregon State's median comes in as $44,600, mid-career is $86,900 according to the survey. That's compared to the University of Oregon, with a starting median of $39,700 and a mid-career median of $79,200.