A sea of red came out to Roberston Stadium to see the Houston Cougars open their 2012 season.

It's the final year for these friendly confines before UH heads to the Big East Conference.

Expectations are high as it should be child's play for the Cougars as they face Texas State, but  the Bobcats had other ideas as Marcus Curry staked Texas State to a 14-3 lead after his 73 yard touchdown run.

But the Cougars would answer when Larry McDuffey hauls in a 64 yard pass for the score, and all is right again in Houston...or is it?

The Cougars were unable to sustain anything on offense as sophomore quaterback, DAvid Piland struggled all night.

Piland says, "Bein a fast paced offense, we have to be fast paced, so it's one of those things you can't look back and say how did they stop us. I feel we stopped ourselves."

That fast pace thing is good when you score. Not so so good when you have the ball for less than 17 minutes in a 60 minute game.

Fan's frustrations were apparent as the Cougars fell hard, 30-13

The Big East has to feel that dissappiontment. Their two new prize additions of BCS Buster hopefuls, Houston and Boise STate went down in defeat.

Not the type of bargaining chip the conference wants as they try to negotiate a lucrative TV deal.

After all, would you pay to watch that type of egg laid on a weekly basis?