The Ed Sullivan Theater, where David Letterman films his late night talk show, has been busier than usual.

This week, a second attempted break-in left window panes of the front doors shattered.

New York police say 42-year-old, Alvin Moore, threw a newspaper stand into the front doors of the theater; just days after another man did the same thing.

Police say a security guard hit Moore in the head with a golf club.  That's what CBS gives their security guards to defend the theater?

Moore was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but has been released. Police say he's charged with burglary and criminal mischief. Moore told police he was angry Letterman has not responded to several demo tapes he'd sent in.

Our advice to Mr. Moore- Get thicker skin! Hollywood's a world full of “no”, but smashing places of possible employment isn't the best way to get noticed.