Day one of Organized Team Activities (OTA's) for the Texans means lots of new faces trying to win a job.

Quarterback Case Keenum, who starred at the University of Houston, gets his first taste of life in the pros.

"It's hyper-drive, you know, I'm trying to learn as much as possibly as I can everyday, every second, and when I'm taking reps; when I'm not taking reps, standing in the back watching those other guys go," said Keenum.

Hey, if Keenum winds up taking a few snaps this season, he might pass the football to Dwight Jones out of North Carolina ... uh, we mean ... the next Andre Johnson; at least that's what Jones told a Houston radio station.

Anyway, the real Andre Johnson is slowly preparing for the season.

"I'm recovering from a knee scope two weeks ago so [I am] just doing rehab, you know, making sure everything is [good to go]," said Johnson, who obviously did not practice. "For the past two years it's been pretty rough on me, you know, battling with the injuries and stuff."

Another huge draft pick for the Texans is the hard-hitting Whitney Mercilus out of Illinois.

"I love the city. It's definitely a change of pace from where [I'm from] up North," said Mercilus with a smile. "So I love the weather everyday; hot, bright and sunny and pretty humid."

That's why we call it the Dirty South my friend.

So just how funky will this group be?

We will find out on Sunday, Sept. 9 when the Texans try drowning the Dolphins of Miami.