Surveillance video shows convenience store clerk Ashtar Akari being shot to death. Missouri City police say that's because the killer wanted more than what was in the cash register.

"He actually went back if you take a look at the video and went back to a timed safe, said John Bailey, Missouri City Police Department. "So, he had no intention of letting that clerk live. He went specifically to kill him so he could get to the safe in the back before it locked."

Police believe the gunman is 19-year-old Raymond Witcher an Elkins High School student who lives just two blocks from the murder scene. Police asked him to come to the police station Wednesday to discuss an unrelated case, then detectives pounced.

"We told him what we wanted to talk about and he broke down at that point and gave us a full confession," said Bailey.

People in the community say they are relieved.

"The whole community loved him and we just want to get some closure. And we're glad we have this person off the streets today," said James Smith, owns barbershop nearby.