The mother ship is coming to earth and Steve Jobs could not be happier.

The Apple CEO made a rare appearance before the Cupertino, California city council with a proposal for a new Apple headquarters. It would be nearly the size of the Pentagon, but in the shape of a giant O.

“It's a little like a spaceship landed,” said Jobs.

Jobs says Apple's current offices aren't big enough.

“Those buildings hold 2,600, 2,800 people, but we've got almost 12,000 people in the area," said Jobs.

Rather than renting additional space, he bought 155 acres that his former employer Hewlett-Packard used to own. How's that for irony?

“We've come up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building," said Jobs. “It's pretty cool."

That's an understatement. The building will have underground parking so green space around it will be increased by more than 60%.

“I think we have a shot at building the best office building in the world. I think architecture students will come here to see this," said Jobs.

One council member had the nerve to ask Jobs 'what's in it for us?'

Jobs replied, “As you know we're the largest taxpayer here in Cupertino, so we'd like to continue to stay here and pay taxes."

And they'd be stupid not to do everything to make sure you do.

If approved, Apple will break ground on the project next year and move in 2015.

When asked if there was any chance Cupertino would stand in the way of the plans, the mayor was quick to respond: "there is no way we're saying no."