Actress Kim Delaney best known for her role in the TV show, "Army Wives", gave a performance that might have been better suited for the TV show "Intervention".

Delaney attended an award ceremony earlier this week at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia; it was all in part to honor former defense secretary Robert Gates.

Several high ranking officials attended including three former presidents but Delaney stole the spotlight when she took the stage.

Thing is Delaney wasn't talking about “real life”, she was talking about her character in the show "Army Wives".

Aside from the slurred speech, there were also a lot of awkward pauses...

Her speech took a turn for the worst when the teleprompter stopped working. It wasn't long before Delaney was escorted off stage.

Delaney has had a history of substance abuse, but her rep has declined to say whether alcohol was the cause of her bizarre speech or lack there-of.