As of today I am officially a 39 News intern. I came in ready to work, but had no idea I'd be out in the field already!

After getting to the station and meeting quite a few people, I was paired with the station's entertainment reporter Hailey Frances and photographer Damion Smith. We were assigned to do two live shots that night and I instantly got excited! Standing in front of a camera in the studio is one thing but going live out in the field is quite another. It forces you to be quick and witty because take two is not an option.

During the 5 o'clock segment we went live from IKEA reporting on a Christmas tree story. The lady we were interviewing was extremely nervous so I got good practice in making her feel comfortable and calming her down.

Our second live shot was for TranStar. The next couple of days it's supposed to freeze in Houston so preparing the city is a big responsibility. I was in awe of the TranStar facility. It's control room looked like something out of a scene from Apollo 13. I was extremely impressed. We set up our camera with the control room in the background, which made for a great shot. We had gone over our questions and rehearsed the interview with a representative from TranStar and literally two minutes before we were scheduled to air we were informed that the Harris County Judge had entered the building. He was obviously more of a person of interest, so we had to change gears quickly. The most important lesson I learned tonight is that going live leaves no room for error and there isn't always enough time to prepare like you would like!