The universe holds many mysteries we just can't explain.  But it is more difficult to explain what a leading North Carolina physics professor was thinking when he tried to smuggle 5 lbs of cocaine. Paul Frampton was caught last January at an Argentinian airport on his way back home with a suitcase full of drugs. He's been in jail ever since. 

We know what movie is running in your head: somebody secretly planted drugs in his luggage... he's in jail in a third world country... yada, yada, yada. Initially he told the cops he had no idea what that cocaine was doing in his suitcase's secret compartment. Then he told a story that could make for a pretty good Hollywood script or at least a NewsFix segment. 

68-year-old Frampton, British-born, is a particle phenomenologist who has been teaching physics and astronomy in the U.S. for decades.  He is a senior scientist and principal investigator at theU.S. Department of Energyand drafted the science portion of the GOP's platform for the 1988 convention.   And then he fell for a woman. 

Frampton says he flew to Bolivia, before arriving in Argentina, to see a Czech model he met on the Internet. He never saw the girl though, but her manager instead, who paid for the tickets. Investigators don't believe a thing of what this man has told them. The University of North Carolina has suspended him, and since he has no money, public defenders are managing his case. 

What a tragedy: a man who studied black holes has been sucked in by the blackest hole of all. Mr. Frampton, if you wanted to get a room with your fantasy model, a jail cell is probably not the way to go.