You know the name, and no doubt you know the music, but do you know the historian? Famed musician Phil Collins is coming out of the closet about his passion for Texas history and opening the doors to the private collection of Texas historical memorabilia he’s been gathering for years.

Since 2004, Collins has been an avid collector of artifacts from the Texas revolution. The singer songwriter is so passionate about Texas history he bought a building near the Alamo complex in downtown San Antonio just to dig through the floor in search of artifacts.

So what do you do when you’ve spent years researching and collecting pieces of history?

A friend suggested he write a book about his research, so that’s what he did. ‘The Alamo and beyond: a collector’s journey’ is Phil Collins’s treatise on the Texas revolution and the battles that led from independence to statehood.

He was in Houston signing copies of his new book and meeting fans. And with no tours in the immediate future and a new-found passion for writing, the musician-turned-historian says his next project may be a history of his own - an autobiography he says he's already begun.

Phil Collins the author and historian. Who knew?