Want a baby? Why not win one? A Canadian radio station is stirring up some controversy with one of their new on air contests for parents. The prize? A baby.

Sort of. Ottowa's Hot 89.9 is giving away three rounds of IVF, valued at $35,000, to a listener who cannot conceive naturally. All contestants have to do is write in 100 words or less why they want a child and a panel of judges will pick the most persuasive.

The mother will then undergo a physical examination before being given the treatment.

Since announcing the first of its kind contest, some listeners have voice their concerns on Facebook.

Former listener Paul Grant wrote: "Having a baby isn't a right, it's a privilege. If you can't have a baby, try adopting an unwanted baby, rather than pumping your body full of hormones and getting your body to do something it obviously wasn't made to do. Shame, Hot 89.9. You've lost a fan."

Other listeners are thanking the station for helping couples.

Chantalle McMullen writes: "There are so many women and couples who struggle with infertility and unfortunately sometimes the cost of fertility treatment is just way too much. Thank you Hot 89.9 for giving those of us who want a baby so bad a chance to maybe have a dream come true."

What do you think about the contest? Is it unethical?

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