Forget "swimming" these boys "ride".

A new bicycle is making the rounds in Seattle and it is turning heads. The bicycle isn't built for two it's built for sperm. And it looks the part. The 10 foot, two-wheeler is in the shape of a giant sperm, no joke! A hefty 120 pounds when fully-loaded (wink wink) the bike is big enough to have people running to get out of the way.

"It's getting a lot of looks. People are stopping. They don't quite understand what's going on," Gary Olsem of Seattle Sperm Bank, tells Seattle pi. "You put a giant sperm on a bike, and you're going to get some attention."


The bike's mission is to transport sperm samples from the Seattle Sperm lab to fertility clinics in an eco-friendly way.

"Each one of these vials contains sperm samples that are considered enough for one insemination," Olsem said.

Don't worry, the precious cargo is protected. The "head" of the sperm bike has a tank lined with liquid nitrogen. Since Seattle's hilly streets can be quite a climb, the two-wheeler has a small motor to give it a boost.

The sperm bank hopes the bike convinces men who've never before considered sperm donation to think about making a donation.

"Good, qualified sperm donors have been needed for awhile, but the need is increasingly dramatic," Olsem said. "Fertility rates are plummeting. People are having a harder time conceiving. People are waiting longer have children."

The Seattle Sperm Bank says it pays $60 for each viable sample.

Would you "go green" when it came to a sperm donor?

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