A tough and burly British rugby player says a stroke turned him into a gay hair dresser.

Chris Birch, 26, suffered a stroke during a freak training accident at the gym. He attempted to do a back flip and broke his neck in the process. Little did Birch know this would be a life-changing accident, in more ways than one.

At the time of the accident Birch was engaged to his girlfriend but when he regained consciousness ditched her for a guy, claiming he was gay.

Birch told The Daily Mail, "I was gay when I woke up and I still am. It sounds strange but when I came round I immediately felt different.

I wasn't interested in women any more. I was definitely gay. I had never been attracted to a man before – I'd never even had any gay friends.

But I didn't care about who I was before, I had to be true to my feelings."

Not only did Birch ditch his fiancée he ditched his job at the bank, lost weight and became a hairdresser. He's since moved in with his 19-year-old boyfriend.

He tells the Mail, "Suddenly, I hated everything about my old life. I didn't get on with my friends, I hated sports and found my job boring.

I started to take more pride in my appearance, bleached my hair and started working out. I went from a 19-stone skinhead to an 11-stone preened man."

Neurologists say strokes can re-wire your brain and "turn on" different switches. Stroke Association spokesman Joe Korner says, "During recovery the brain makes new neural connections which can trigger things people weren't aware of, such as accent, language or perhaps a different sexuality."

Do you think the stroke "turned" him gay or was it an excuse to come out?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

Joe writes on Facebook: "HaHa Wow The Excuses People Are Coming Up With These Days Are Ridiculous!"

Jamie writes: "it seems to me that he's known he was gay, but he was too ashamed o embarrassed to be true to himself. The stroke seems like the perfect accident. He can now be himself openly but he doesn't have to take the blame for it."

Michelle writes: "oh heck no. he's full of it."

Steven writes: "Maybe he was just misquoted. Maybe it was because he was stroked BY a gay hairdresser and that turned him gay?"

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