One ex-husband didn't get mad, he got even! 42-year-old Anthony Morelli, of Pennsylvania, took to the internet to vent his anger over an ugly divorce and custody battle with ex-wife Allison.

In 2007, he created the website,, described as "the true account of a marriage, divorce, and subsequent (child) custody fight between a loving man, his terroristic ex-wife who we suspect suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (at least from our armchair psychologist diagnosis), and the husband's new partner."

Morelli's blog has attracted more than 200,000 followers a month, and chronicles the very intimate details of his divorce from Allison or "PEW" (Psycho Ex Wife), as he likes to refer to her on the site.

"She's on the precipice of 40 and probably looks all 50-years of it," he writes on the site. "Imagine if you will, Jabba The Hut, with less personality. She spends her time ... drinking her days away bemoaning her victim status, when she isn't stuffing the children with fast food, buying them toys, or pushing them towards the TV or computer."

Morelli opened up the blog for other exes to vent about their "PEWs". "I tried to provide a forum whereby through our collective experiences we could help minimize the conflict in our lives and choose better ways to deal with our high-conflict ex-spouses," Morelli said of his site on a "Today Show" segment.

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He even cashed in on his "PEW" rants, selling ads on the blog.

But it all came crashing down earlier this year when Buck County Family Court Judge Diane Gibbons ordered Morelli to shut down the blog deeming the site "outright cruelty," especially since the couple has two sons, 10 and 12.

Morelli, obviously not one to take things lying down, hired a lawyer and is challenging the ruling. "The judge's order is a classic example of an overly broad and unenforceable prior restraint on free speech," his lawyer Kevin Handy said.

"The order is constitutionally over broad because it clearly prohibits speech that is protected by the First Amendment."

Allison, 42, says she just wants it all to be over with. She told "Today", "After the kids knew this was something derogatory about me, they asked their father to stop. We simply weren't a good match from the very beginning. The whole entire relationship was pretty volatile."

Morelli, has replaced his old site with It asks for donations to fight for his right to protect his freedom of speech. So far he has $5,273.70 and needs $15,000 for his case.

Do you think he should be able to continue the blog?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

@CWDavis8 tweets: @maggiesworld Whether I agree or disagree with the blog, doesn't matter. I support his right to Freedom of Speech.

@DJbeingDJ tweets: @maggiesworld great dish (like always) n I agree he needs to just LET HER GO!! just bc you have the freedom to say what you want doesn't mean you actually should!

George writes on Facebook: "unfair after all there's a website where women can post about there ex's."

Miranda writes on Facebook: "I agree freedom of speech but he should realize that the women he is bashing is the mother of his children and he needs to think about what this is doing to their children."

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