Talk isn't cheap, especially when it comes to NFL rules. But did the league make a "bad call" with Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu?

Polamalu was fined $10,000 for using a cell phone on the sidelines during last Sunday's games against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He had to leave the game after getting a concussion while blocking Jaguars running-back Maurice Jones-Drew.

Fearing his wife Theodora probably saw the knockout on TV, Polamalu was handed a cell phone by the team doctor to call and say he was all right.

Polamalu has a history of concussions in his 9-year NFL career and a severe hit could be deadly.

But the NFL aka "No Fun League" didn't appreciate the call and slapped the 2010 defensive player of the year with a $10,000 fine.

According to NFL rules, phones are prohibited in the bench area before and during games.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to fine Polamalu came as a surprise, even to his coach.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin quickly came to his player's defense, saying, "In this era of player safety, you would think that common sense would prevail in some of these things. It wasn't a personal call. He wasn't checking on his bank account."

So does Goodell need a wakeup call?

Viewers serve up their thoughts on Facebook:

Ricks Loft writes: Ridiculous! BUT, I heard NO CALLING or TEXTING is aloud during game time. So as petty as it sounds, Troy new better. That's my Take, What's Yours? Get in on the Dish! :) Hi Maggie :)

L. Welling emails: As silly as it seems, this was a fantastic teachable moment for my high school kids. They never believe me when I tell them there are other places besides high school where you aren't permitted to use a cell phone. Sorry for the fine but this was a perfect opportunity to "teach" kids about life in the real world. Rules are rules....kinda like the speed limit...I am sure there are places where it is perfectly safe to drive faster than the posted amount but when the police stop you, they don't get fined! On the other hand, it was nice to see a husband who really cared about his wife's feelings! So much material for my kids!

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