A 21-year-old Iranian man found himself between a "rock and a hard" place after deciding to get a penis tattoo. For some reason he decided to get the Persian script reading "good luck on your journeys" and the first initial of his girlfriend's name inked on his "Paul". How romantic.

Here's the problem he was left with a large reminder of his hard decision to have a needle puncture holes in his precious "Paul".

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine he was left with a permanent semi erection. How on earth could the pain of getting your penis tattooed make it go haywire?

Here's the technical answer: "Handheld needles are used and there is no control of the depth of the needle," Iranian urologists reported in the most recent Journal of Sexual Medicine. "Henna, ash, and other natural pigments are used by traditional tattooists. They first use their needles to penetrate the skin. Then they apply the coloring material on the perforated skin surface."

Sounds painful and it was. After several days of woodies that would "timber" the man realized that he was plagues with a permanent erection.

Sounding appealing? Remember the warnings on those erectile dysfunction pill commercials telling us, non-sex-related erections lasting longer than four hours are dangerous for penises. The lack of fresh blood flow can starve the spongy tissues of oxygen, destroying them and resulting in impotence.

So the Iranian man had to have a shunt put in (not exactly the type of journey he was looking for), but it didn't help bring it down.

Things are looking up for the idiot, he doesn't want to have any more surgery because he's capable of achieving a relatively normal erection and he's not in pain. So, the patient has decided not to pursue any more corrective measures.

According to Jezebel, "he's since rejected any more treatment because he's probably realized that the side effect of the tattoo was that his dick looks bigger all the time. But it probably took him so long to come to that realization due to all the blood draining from his head."

So stiffly speaking I don't think this is the "journey" he was hoping for Paul.

What do you think about the tattoo?

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