For once less is more.

I guess Heidi Montag didn't get the memo.

Just yesterday, Sharon Osbourne announced that she had to get something off her chest, her 34 DD's. She said she's getting rid of them in July and turning them into paper weights for her hubby Ozzy

Now even Hollywood is starting to reject implants.

A recent casting notice for a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, specified that actresses must have real breasts in order to audition. If you have fake "girls" you're out.

So is less really more? Are implants out?

Here's what our 39 Viewers had to say:

Ryan McCarthy: I hope so!

Devlin Cirtain: natural is better!

Sean Keith Thompson: If they are, you'd better tuck them back in.

Maxwellf: OMG! We will be subjected to a bunch of woman with no boobs & in some cases no talent either.

Stu Cozza: If fewer women are having their hootage enlarged, then what will happen to those plastic surgeons? Will they soon be relegated to the streets?

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