John Edwards' daughter with his late wife Elizabeth, Cate, is heading to the altar on October 22nd. But a wedding war is brewing!

John's mistress, aka hoochie, Rielle Hunter, is demanding that their love child, Frances Quinn, be the flower girl!

According to the National Enquirer, the bride-to-be Cate, 29, was open to the idea of letting her 3 ½ year-old half sister be part of the nuptials, but Elizabeth's parents are "dead set" against it.

A source says that "Elizabeth's family is furious at the mere suggestion of it," and that they feel the gesture would be a "huge slap in the face" to their late daughter.

"Elizabeth's family will never forget how she died brokenhearted because of his [John's] selfish behavior," the source adds. "They refuse to let John's actions tarnish Cate's big day."

Some think Cate is trying to follow her mother's dying wishes, by keeping the family together.

Her wedding to medical resident Trevor Upham is just around the corner.

What do you think? Should Frances Quinn be in the wedding?

Viewers serve up their thoughts on Facebook:

Shneia writes: He needs to tell her to back off before he's not invited to the wedding.

Courtney writes: Hooch? I love that word! I don't know what it means but I love!!!

Ricks Piano Bar writes: What a bunch of hoopla! They're all ridiculous.

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