It's something you expect to find in a lingerie store for adults not a children's store. So imagine the utter disgust and shock when a Colorado mother came across crotchless panties while shopping at the 'Kids N Teen' store.

Erin French, from Greeley, was shopping with her kids when she discovered several pairs of crotchless thongs displayed in the underwear section.

According to 9News, French got out her cell phone camera to document what you had to see to believe, leopard print crotchless panties she claims were sized to fit a seven-year-old girl.

The owner of the store told 9News that they sell mostly kids' products, but a small portion of the merchandise is geared toward teens. So it's okay for teens to wear crotchless panties?!

Kids N Teen has only been in business for two weeks, and the owner says that she's still trying to figure out what merchandise to include in her store.

After a complaint was made to mall management 9News says that the panties were removed from the store.

Is that enough? Should the store be shut down?

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