Just 6 days before a college football player was kicked off a flight and arrested for wearing saggy pants, the airline allowed a cross-dressing male, wearing skimpy women's panties and thigh highs, to fly no questions asked.

Jill Tarlow, a passenger on the June 9th flight from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix, took the photo of the scantily clad male as proof. She sent it to the San Francisco Chronicle saying that she and other passengers complained before boarding the plane, but nothing was done.

"No one would believe me if I didn't take his picture," Tarlow, 40, of Phoenix said. "It was unbelievable."

"We don't have a dress code policy," U.S. Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder told the San Francisco Chronicle, "If they're not exposing their private parts, they're allowed to fly."

The airline has said that the football player, DeShon Marman, was exposing a body part on June 15th and was repeatedly asked to pull up his pants.

His attorney, Joe O'Sullivan, said surveillance video would show his client's skin was not showing. He accused the airline of racial discrimination. Marman is African American.

"It just shows the hypocrisy involved," O'Sullivan told the Chronicle. "A white man is allowed to fly in underwear without question, but my client was asked to pull up his pajama pants because they hung below his waist."

Wunder says Marman was asked to leave the flight because he refused an employee's request.

Marman was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery of a police officer and obstruction after refusing to leave the plane on the captain's orders, according to police. Police have also said he injured an officer while being taken into custody.

Prosecutors have until July 18 to file any charges against him.

Should US Airways have allowed the man to fly in only women's lingerie? And why is that okay and saggy pants aren't?

Our viewers serve up their thoughts:

Billy writes: The sad thing is, if it were a beautiful woman wearing a bikini, she would get kicked off the flight for "indecent exposure." This goes back to my saying of "a person is smart, but people as a whole are dumber than a pile of rocks," the dumb people being the airline that allowed this to happen.

Stephanie writes: Let's all stop acting "brand new" because we all know who wears sagging pants, right? So of course if you're black you better come correct at any airplane facility or anywhere else too.

DBRHRW emails: "I myself would not want to fly with either the passenger with the womens' lingerie or the sagging pajamas'. I am sick of the sagging pants be it no matter what the race of the person wearing the pants. What is so sexy about seeing someones' a**? I was taught there's a time & place for everything, I don't believe exposing your a** in public is that place.

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