The movement started in Belgium where they actually have passed a law making it a crime to wear the face veil. If a woman is caught wearing one they face a $19-$31 fine or a week in jail. The law goes into affect in the fall. France and Spain now support and enforce the same law. And lawmakers across the continent are considering similar measures.

Belgium actually already has a law in affect right now that forbids masks from being worn in public. Lawmakers said they wanted to take it a step further as a way of enhancing security in the country, promoting gender equality and send a message to extremists.

According to USA Today, THE Muslim Executive of Belgium, says about 30 to 100 women wear a burqa. In France, which has the largest Muslim population, less than 2,000 cover their faces.

But is this a violation of religious rights?

Here's what some of our viewers had to say:

mikebeckham: Jesus christ some people can be intolerant jerks. Prime example on trying to ban the burqa. What business it it of yours in 1st place?

Hagis32: Ban the burqa, no good for security, uncomfortable to be around

aprilscissors: So insane and so unnecessary.

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