A 14-year-old Virginia student was arrested and suspended from school all over a "harmless prank" in a banana suit.

Brian Thompson, a student at Colonial Forge High School, in Stafford, ran down the sidelines at a school football game during half-time, last week, sporting a banana suit.

His fellow students loved it, but school officials were not cheering. They called in sheriff's deputies and put Thompson in the back of a patrol car. He wasn't charged but suspended for 10 days.

School officials sent a letter to Thompson's mother, Tavia, and she showed it to FOX DC. They wrote that the act was evidence of: "disobedience of an administrator, disrespectful behavior toward an administrator, disruption of an activity, refusal to follow directions of an administrator, any violation of the student handbook, including a continued disregard of the Student Code of Conduct and any other conduct considered by the principal to be disruptive and presenting an immediate danger to the welfare, health, and safety of any person.."

The school district says Thompson can appeal the decision. Tavia feels her son his being over-punished for impulsiveness from his autism.

Thompson's peers are rallying for him at school and online. Some students wore "Free Banana Man" T-shirts to class, but had them confiscated by school officials, according to Fox DC.

"Tomorrow I plan on going to school with a sign that says, 'Free Banana Man' and another sign that says 'Banana Man needs his education too,'" Thompson says.

This is just the latest incident where schools across the nation have cracked down on what some may consider stupid pranks.

In May, two Ohio 7th graders were suspended for "farting" on a school bus.

According to the Huffington Post, states including Texas, Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina have started to examine what many consider "regimented" school discipline policies -- ones that currently could lead students to face ticketing or charges for minor misbehaviors like doodling on a desk.

Does the punishment fit the banana man crime?

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