Forget the "G" spot, how about the "S" spot. Turns out an itchy ankle can go a long way for a woman and pleasure her as much as sex! Say what?!

According to a researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina, an itchy ankle is the most pleasurable body part to relieve by scratching, more so than the back.

In a medical study, healthy volunteers were made to itch their forearm, ankle and back by rubbing them with an irritating solution. For 5 minutes they were banned from scratching, and asked to record how itchy they felt at each spot.

Afterward scratching participants ranked out of ten how pleasurable scratching the sensation had been. Let's just say it was off the charts overtaking the back.

Professor Francis McGlone, a member of the International Forum for the Study of Itch, told The Daily Mail, "It was interesting that the ankle was the itchiest site and that the most pleasure came from scratching it, because the back has been well-known as a preferred site for scratching."

Scientists also say that when we relieve an itch by scratching it we feel pleasure.

In an article in The Sun, they explain why a simple itch would feel oh so good. Sex is pleasurable to encourage us to reproduce, eating is pleasurable to encourage us to feed. Scratching an itch is probably pleasurable because we are far more likely to do things if they are enjoyable, so the pleasure of scratching ensures we attend to the itch's source, such as a parasite.

Scientists believe the ankle has evolved as an itch-prone area because it comes into contact with insects and germs, which can be removed through scratching.

Will you try out this new G spot? Do you even think it would do the trick?

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