How's this for a holiday? The Norwegian non-profit sex education organization RFSU, or the Swedish Association for Sex Education, is asking men to suck it up for an hour Thursday night and get busy with their favorite lady --or ladies-- in an effort to promote condom use and safe sex.

The idea is the result of a study that found that Norwegians were the most sexually active of all Scandinavians, while also the ones using the least protection.

And while a call-to-duty of this sort will be tough, it's one of those occasions when it might just be necessary to put your country first.

Turns out, 62 percent of Norwegians, age 20-35 years-old, did not use a condom the last time they had sex. More striking is the fact that Norway has upwards of 20,000 cases of chlamydia every year. So, maybe a holiday promoting safe-sex isn't a bad idea.

Hey, don't worry.  We have the same holiday here in the states, too. Depending who you ask, it's called Secretaries Day.