Arguably one of the best running backs in the NFL, Adrian Peterson faced a harsh reality in the Harris County drunk tank this past weekend.

Enjoying his pb&j and crackers like so many Houstonians before him, Peterson looks pretty happy considering it took three Houston police officers to take him down just hours before this picture was snapped. According to police, Peterson was partying at Bayou Place downtown, when he allegedly shoved an officer who told him he needed to leave because the bar was closed.

Things got heated, and Peterson was eventually arrested for resisting arrest. Peterson`s dad Nelson told a Minneapolis newspaper his son was mistreated by the police and only got upset with the officers when they started using "vulgar language" with him. Houston police acting badly?!

Peterson hired Houston attorney Rusty Hardin, and he's not playing around! Hardin claims Peterson didn't shove anyone, but instead it was the police that hit his client in the face twice for no legitimate reason. If Hardin can get Roger Clemens off twice in federal court, a misdemeanor in Houston should be a piece of cake.