Remember the ads for "X-ray Specs" in old comic books?  They were $1 glasses you could order that would allow you to see under people's clothes. Obviously, they didn't really work, but new technology out of the University of Texas in Dallas could really give you a form of X-ray vision.

Researchers there have designed a computer chip that will allow your smart phone to scan through walls, wood, plastic, paper and yes-- even clothes.

The new technology uses the terahertz frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Airports use much larger terahertz cameras to see through your luggage.

But the UT researchers say using this sized-down chip will offer a lot more uses, from finding studs in walls and detecting fake money, to diagnosing disease with a breath test and even seeing cancerous tumors inside your own body.

There is no word if this terahertz scan will be as dangerous as traditional x-rays which have been proven to cause tumors. If they are, at least you'll be able to 'prove' you have the cancer it might give you.

As for checking out hot babes through their clothes, the scientists are downplaying that application by sticking to a version that would only scan something four inches away or less.

If somebody lets you within four inches of their privates, chances are they aren't gonna mind if you are checking out what's underneath.