Freedom of speech? Not in the National Football League.

Texans running back Arian Foster might find that out the hard way.

When Foster re-aggravated his hamstring over the weekend in San Francisco, he tweeted out to his fans that he was fine in the midst of social networking repartee over the undue attention by fantasy football fans.

Now Foster's newest tweets have some folks thinking somebody should tackle his smartphone right out of his hands.

He just sent out his MRI showing his hamstring injury.

To him, it’s not a big deal. But others see it as Foster announcing his weakness to other teams.

A big hit me here sign that will not be good for him on the field or for the Texans.

In fact, the Texans might have to reprimand Foster over this before the sports cyberspace blows up.

Hey Arian. How about a little less tweeting and a little more recuperating?!