You’ve seen the new NFL craze-now it’s semi-mainstream.

Did you happen to catch last night’s NFL game...The New York Jets vs. the Denver Broncos?

The Broncos won 17 to 13.

After doing next to nothing all game, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow took his team the length of the field, scoring the winning touchdown in the final seconds.

And of course, Tebow kneels down, doing his signature praying move.

This has been dubbed 'Tebowing' and has caught on almost everywhere.

Tons of pictures all over the internet show people Tebowing.

Bronco fans even have his number 15 jersey with Jesus on the back.

That’s a little extreme don’t you think? Tim Tebow as Jesus?

The guy isn’t even that good. He can hardly complete a pass.

Comparing him to Jesus is a stretch... Don’t you think this 'hail mary' pass last night would have been completed if he was 'Jesus-like?'

Tebow is very outspoken with his Christian views, which are written all over his face ...Literally. The QB has appeared with scripture written into his eye paint.

But not everyone is comfortable with the displays of faith on the field.

Probably the best display of faith was when Detroit Lions linebacker, Stephen Tulloch,, sacked Tebow and then Tebowed right next to him.

Well played... No matter what faith you are.