It's snake hunting season again in the lone star state. The senate passed a reptile bill which regulates hunters collecting the creepy-crawlies along Texas highways.

In 2007, reptile hunters were rattled by a bill banning roadside hunting of the slithering kind calling it the destruction of a Texas tradition!

With this new bill, Texans who want to yank their snake from out of a hole on the side of the road can legally do so, after purchasing a stamp from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.


This snake season is looking very busy, because of high heat and dryness this summer. There will be snakes a plenty!

So many in fact the Harris County hospital district is recommending ways to deal with snake bites!

Such as:

  • Stay calm
  • Don't apply "anything" to the wound
  • Call 911 or get to a hospital
  • And... I know we've seen this in movies and tv… Don't suck the poison out!

Here’s one we're adding on to the list. Don't mess with the snakes from the get go!

Just because you can now buy a stamp and legally hunt snakes doesn't keep them from fighting back and killing you!