The Amish might still read by candle light and sew their own clothes, but when it comes to love making one Amish man had no problem keeping up with the times.

Milroy, Indiana police arrested 21-year-old Willard Yoder, bowl haircut and all, for attempting to sleep with a 12-year-old girl.

Yoder sent the girl more than 600 sexy texts! 600!

What have we been talking about Anthony Weiner for? This Amish horn dog takes the cake!

The child`s mother discovered one of the text messages on her daughter`s phone and immediately called the police.

When Yoder showed up at a small restaurant to meet his lady love, the cops were waiting for him.

Yoder had planned on having sex with the girl inside his romantic horse and buggy.

Things must be real lonely on the farm because Yoder admitted to police he found the girl by texting random numbers until someone replied.

He was charged with four-counts of soliciting a minor. Yoder is currently out on bail and will back in court in September.