The Houston Space Shuttle Snub Has Turned Into Shuttle Wars... New York Senator Chuck Schumer Is Darth Vadar And Texas Representative Ted Poe Is Luke Skywalker.

You May Have Heard By Now Texans Are Pushing Legislation To Over-turn The Director Of NASA's Decision To Give New York One Of The Four Retired Shuttles... and Not Houston. [map With Space Shuttle On California, Florida, And Virginia]

And Schumer Has Some "Fightin' Words" For H-town Regarding Our..I Mean NASA's... Fourth Space Shuttle.

Schumer Said "When People From Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, And Amsterdam Start Saying They Want To Go To Houston, Maybe They'll Get A Shuttle" And Continued "I'd Say To Texas, Don't Mess With New York."

Texas Representative Ted Poe Stood Up For Houston And The Lone Star State Calling Schumer's Attitude Elitist And Reminded The Senator The First Word Spoken On The Moon Was Houston... Not New York City!

You Have The Statue Of Liberty... Leave Our Shuttle Alone... We've Got The Force Of Texas Politicians On Our Side.