Another political race has turned into a cat fight. Former Virginia Governors George Allen and Tim Caine have a challenger in the race for the state's highest office.

Lucky for them... he's a pussy... cat.

His name is Hank... and he's in a CATtegory all by himself.  He’s not a Fur-publican or DemoCAT... he’s an independent who was born to a single mother on the streets of Springfield... then saved by Animal Allies, an animal rescue group.

His slogan for this Senate CATpaign is "milk in every bowl." Hank is passionate about his platform which includes low cost spay and neutering, creating jobs and implementing a privacy Bill of Rights.

The frisky feline has high hopes that this platform will CATapult him to the lead. Hank’s CATpaign hasn’t been all fun and catnip. He’s already heard CATerwauls questioning his eligibility... ala Obama’s 'birther' saga... though these cat callers question his age.

Hank can ignore his catty detractors since he's 9 years old... that’s 52 in human years...which more than exceeds the requirement of 30 to run for Senate.

He looks subdued in his television commercial but Hank is an animal when it comes to social media.  He loves Twitter, maybe because of the bird... and was touched when opponent George Allen Tweeted a welcome. Based on Hank’s Facebook page he’s the 'cat’s meow` and has the media chasing him like a dog.

If Hank can avoid the cattiness, catnaps and CATting around... this fresh faced feline could bring this race to a CATaclysmic conclusion.