We believed Pluto was a planet, but we were wrong. We thought that Lindsay Lohan could eventually come out of rehab clean, but we were wrong there too. And now another scientific breakthrough is trashing our mindset: women are better at parking than men. 

A study conducted in the UK with hidden cameras in parking areas suggests that although women take more time than men, they have a better sense of space and, most importantly, they are also faster at finding parking spots. 

But what would British people know about this matter?  Come on!  They drive on the wrong side of the road!

We know what you women at home are thinking right now: "Ha! In your face.  Baby".  And also you men: "There's no freakin' way that women are better at parallel parking than men".  But don't worry fellas, if gas prices continue to rise at this pace, we will all say goodbye to driving at all very soon.