As we hunt to find ways to save money, here's an option that offers good food at exceptional prices. It's available across the country; it's just a little less conventional. You pick it up in a parking lot from the back of a refrigerated truck.

Zaycon Foods brings various products directly from the farm to you. Cutting out the middle man, they are able to offer meats, seafood, and fruits at great prices. For example, skinless, boneless chicken breast at $1.69 per lb. and 93% lean beef at under $3.00 per lb.

Mike Conrad, one of two brothers who own Zaycon Foods, says, "Our goal is to help all the families in this country, in this economy, where people can't afford anything, can't make it, and certainly aren't going to spend a lot of money on meat they just can't afford it."

Customers say it's a way to save money and still get good quality food.

"I'm going more for quality, but man, when you look at the price, it's awesome ... can't beat it," said customer Zachary Unerfusser.

Customer Donna Massey said, "I came out and got the ground beef last month and it was delicious, so i decided to do the chicken and the bacon."

But be prepared with plenty of freezer space, or to split orders with friends.  Chicken and beef arrive in 40 lb. orders.

Zaycon Foods delivers different products each month, which are ordered online in advance.

If you want to save some money and get good food in the process, this may be the way to help.

For more information go to the Zaycon Foods website: