It’s a hell of a time to be a Texans fan. The First playoff game and the first playoff win.

Ever since the team clinched the AFC South, and certainly since the win over the Bengals, there are tons of "new" Texan fans all over Houston.

But have you always been a true fan?

Here’s a test to see.

It’s called the official Houston Texan Bandwagon Application.

Here are some of the questions:

  • Are you even a Houstonian?
  • Have you ever attended a Texan game? If so, when?
  • Have you openly spoken against the Texans? If yes, why?
  • List at least 5 starting Texans
  • And our favorite...As soon as the Texans clinched the playoffs you start rocking Texans gear! True fans typically only wear one piece of apparel identifying their loyalty; the bandwagon fan will be head to toe in Texan gear... Dead giveaway!

So how’d you do? Are you a "real" fan or did you just now jump on the bandwagon only because they finally have a winning team?

Either way...We look forward to cheering the Texans on against the Ravens with you!

Just don’t be calling yourself a True Blue Texan Fan just yet.