Let the countdown begin until Saturday's AFC Wild Card round between the Bengals-Texans at Reliant Stadium.

Fans are fired up for good reason, and so are the players.

"We're lucky to have guys on the team, who have been to the playoffs because this organization never has before," Arian Foster, a Texans running back, said. 

But one Houston team has tasted the playoffs before: the 1993 Oilers.

Most of the Texans remember seeing Warren Moon quarterback those Oilers as kids.

"I was pretty young back in those days," T.J. Yates, a Texans quarterback, said. "It was '93 the last time [I remember watching the Oilers], so that was when I was 6-years-old. Hopefully we can start a new playoff run in Houston."

"How old was I in '93? I was 7-years-old in '93," Foster said following the regular season finale against Tennessee. 

"Making the playoffs is not our goal," DeMeco Ryans, a Texans linebacker, told Newsfix. "It's just the first step of where we're trying to go."

"We're not going to take it [this AFC Wild Card round] for granted," said Kareem Jackson, who's a Texans defensive back. "We're gonna come out, and we're gonna work like we've been working all year."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is no stranger to working his way into deep playoff runs. He's been a part of six Super Bowl teams as a player and coach. Think about that for a second ... six Super Bowl teams?

That's huge.

"I hope they look at our staff and pull from everybody," Kubiak said. [Defensive coordinator] Wade`s [Phillips] been in a lot of big football games, [offensive coordinator] Rico [Rick Dennison], guys have been in a lot of playoff games, have been around those type of things."

So what can we expect at Reliant Stadium on Saturday?

"It will be louder than it's ever been in this stadium," Andre Johnson, a Texans wide receiver, said. "Even some of my families tailgating, and they don't ever tailgate."

A little tailgating and playoff football, hey, the Texans may just write their own chapter in the post-season history books.