Ladies, take a good look at these pictures. This is what can happen if you have facial injections done by somebody without a license. Tessa Wilkins, who had been a customer at Annza's Salon in the Galleria for some time, says she went in for a regular beauty appointment and came out with painful scars on her face.

The product she says the salon used on her, a dermal-filler called Puragen, is supposed to work like Botox, injected above the eye and in the forehead and administered by a licensed professional. Except with Puragen, there's one hitch: It's banned for use in the U.S.

Wilkins's injuries required months of treatment from a plastic surgeon. But that's not the only damage she says was done by the salon. Tiny vessels in her eyes were also popped.

Wilkins has filed suit against the salon. Annza's Salon hasn’t commented.