Break out the tea and crumpets love!

It's time for your royal wedding wrap up.

An estimated two billion people around the world watched as Prince William and Princess Kate prepared to say to their "I Do's".

Pajama parties in Puerto Rico, hundreds people in Times Square, and even a watch party here in Rice Village.

At Westminster Abbey hundreds of thousands of people crowded the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

British upper crusts Elton John and the Beckhams were in attendance as well.

And the hats dahling - the hats!

Big ones, tall ones, short ones, small ones.

And the Queen in a canary yellow one.

But the bride, stole the show - appropriately draped in an elegant satin and lace Alexander she walked down a red carpeted aisle for four minutes to recite her vows.

After not one, but two kisses, and 8 years of courting - in true fairy tale fashion...Prince William and Kate Middleton trotted away as Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, husband, and wife.