It wasn't that long ago sports enthusiasts were saying a Major League Soccer team would never fly in Houston. Not because we couldn't attract good players or win games, but because there just wasn't a fan base big enough to support a major league team.

What a difference a few years makes. Not only are the Houston Dynamo winning games and building a new stadium, now there's this: a reprimand MLS denouncing Dynamo fans for being too passionate.

The letter was addressed to Dynamo fans organizations such as the Texian Army, imposing sanctions for unruly behavior - namely smoke bombs allegedly thrown onto the field by dynamo fans during the MLS Cup and other away games.

So the fan-group's special privileges to carry banners and equipment into games have been suspended. And while it may not necessarily seem like that big of a deal, consider this: when's the last time you heard of Major League Baseball or the NFL enacting sanctions against fans for being too rowdy?

So say want you want about the Dynamo or soccer in general, until Roger Goodell and David Stern start handing sanctions to fans at Reliant Park or the Toyota Center, it's pretty clear which team has the most enthusiastic fans in this town.