Nobody likes a trip to the dentist -- especially a hungry hippo.

Tommy the hippo, who lives at a Puerto Rico Zoo, needed an urgent trip to the dentist after a problem with his lower tooth prevented him from eating making him very hungry indeed.

Tommy's tooth ache was so bad he dropped down to a skinny 3,000 pounds, which for a hippo is dangerously low.

Since Tommy's a favorite at the zoo they flew in the chief veterinarian from the North Carolina Zoo Dr. Mike Loomis.

The two are old friends; Dr. Loomis has been seeing 39-year-old Tommy for 20 years.

So what do you do for a hippo with bad teeth?

Saw very gently.

Dr. Loomis and his team gave Tommy a partial anesthetic, making him comfortable and used a metal cutting blade to quickly trim his lower teeth.

Just one of Tommy's teeth averages 3-feet long and talk about opening wide, their mouths can measure up to 4-feet wide!

Tommy was a very good patient and after the procedure was all smiles!